MEDOCare Pharmacy offers:

  1. Fast and friendly prescription service
  2. Prescription pick-up and FREE shipping & delivery in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba by mail or bus.
  3. FREE Medication Review
    This program offers the client an opportunity to have their MEDOCare pharmacist review their medications, scan for proper use of medication, and detect any interactions or side effects you may be having. Ask us today to meet with you and take advantage of this excellent and free patient care service.
  4. FREE Blister and Bubble Packaging and pill-splitting for Prescriptions
    Compliance packaging has been proven to improve patient adherence to their prescribed medications. Compliance packaging also aids in ensuring that patients take the correct medication at the correct dosage at the correct time. We use blister packages and reusable dosette packages to meet our patients' needs. Ask us today if compliance packaging is right for you or your loved ones. We can arrange for convenient and free weekly drop off of your compliance package.
  5. FREE diabetes meter training
    Our MEDOCare pharmacist will take the time to make sure you are getting the most out of your blood glucose monitor. By showing you proper technique, we can help you to get safe, easy, and accurate blood glucose test results. Are you testing your blood glucose at the right times? Every diabetes patient is different, and when you test your blood glucose at the most appropriate times, we can help you work with your doctor to gain the best possible control of your diabetes. We take the time to discuss your diabetes with you.
  6. Private consultations in a designated area
    Our hope is to accommodate each client's needs and make them feel as comfortable as possible. To give our clients the privacy many of them desire, we provide a Private Consultation Area.
  7. Expired drug disposal service
    We offer our clients free and safe disposal of uses sharps materials and also disposal of unused or expired medications. Ask us today how we can help you protect our community and our environment from these potentially harmful items.
  8. We accept most private insurance plans including Assure, Green Shield, Blue Cross, ESI, Great West Life.
  9. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Interac/Debit and cheque
  10. Prescription transfers to MEDOCare Pharmacy
    Switching your prescription pick-up location is much simpler than you may think. Simply contact MEDOCare Pharmacy and we will be able to take care of the details. Transferring to our MEDOCare Pharmacy is so very easy...we will do all the work for you! Please note some prescriptions cannot be transferred.
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