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MEDOCare Pharmacy is a proud affiliate company of the Manitoba Métis Federation

Since 2012, MEDOCare Pharmacy has been a trusted healthcare partner for our clients and their families by providing quality pharmaceutical advice and a high level of patient care.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality health care and excellent service to help achieve the best outcomes for clients. At the core of our service are the values of professionalism, personalized customer care and integrity.

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Improving healthcare outcomes for Red River Métis Citizens

High-level pharmacy care, services and programs

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Prescription Services

In order to help you get the most from your medication, your MEDOCare pharmacist will provide counseling for your prescription services.

Over the Counter Meds

Helping you choose appropriate over-the-counter (OTC) medications and products including vitamins, herbs and other products.

Health Care Programs

Our pharmacists are knowledgeable in the areas of disease prevention, nutrition, fitness, and general health and wellness.

Personal Consultation

Our hope is to accommodate each client's needs and make them feel as comfortable as possible. We also provide a private consultation area.

Personalized patient care

Additional ways we support you

Wellness Consultations
Switching is Easy
Free Delivery
Free Meds Review
Free Bubble Packing
Free Medical Device Training
Expired Drug Disposal
Drug Claims Accepted

Building stronger communities through exceptional pharmacy services

MEDOCare pharmacists, assistants and support staff are committed to providing respectful and professional patient-focused care

January Bolante - Pharmacist

January Bolante is a seasoned pharmacist with over 15 years of experience in clinical pharmacy practice. Her passion for patient care and commitment to improving medication management has earned her a reputation as a trusted healthcare professional.

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