Professional Care

Professional Services Offered by Your MEDOCare Pharmacist

Have you ever wondered what your MEDOCare pharmacist is doing behind the counter while you wait for your prescription to be filled? For each prescription, your pharmacist performs a number of activities to ensure that the medication you have been prescribed is actually appropriate for you.

Once your prescription is received, the MEDOCare pharmacist carefully performs the following checks:

Drug, dosage, quantity, and directions for use are all correct

Prescription doesn't duplicate any of your current therapy

Serious drug interactions won't occur between your new prescription and existing medications or medical conditions

Medication is one that you won't be allergic to

If information is missing from your prescription, or there are any other issues with it, your MEDOCare pharmacist may discuss these with you, or choose to contact your physician, or both. Once your medication is packaged and almost ready to go, your MEDOCare pharmacist performs one final check.

By comparing your prescription label with your doctor's original prescription and by checking the contents of the prescription vial or container, your MEDOCare pharmacist will ensure that you receive the right medication.

When you pick up your prescription, in order to help you get the most from your medication, your MEDOCare pharmacist will provide counselling on the following:

What your medication has been prescribed for

How and when you should take it

How long you should take it for

How you will know if your medication is working and what to do if your medication is not working

Possible side effects and what you should do if you experience any

How you should store your medication

Additional information about your medical condition

In addition to assessing, preparing, and counselling on your prescription medications, your MEDOCare pharmacist can also:

Arrange follow up sessions with you to ensure that your medications are working

Train you on how to use medical devices such as glucose meters

Help you choose appropriate over-the-counter (OTC) medications and products including vitamins and herbs

Provide you with advice and information on common ailments and various health topics

Offer convenience medication packaging

Diabetic disposal containers to diabetic MEDOCare customers

Medical expense reports

If you have any questions regarding your health, your pharmacist is often the first, and most accessible, health care professional you can visit in your community. Pharmacists are knowledgable in the areas of disease prevention, nutrition, medication, fitness, and general health and wellness. They can work with you to help you achieve your unique longterm health and lifestyle goals.


Your physician may prescribe personalized medications for you that don't come right off the shelves. Your MEDOCare pharmacist can create these custom medications for you to meet your unique needs.

Phone Refills, Online Prescription

Refills, and Refill Reminders - To save you time, you can order your refill prescriptions in advance by phone. MEDOCare also offers online prescription refills and to send out reminders to let you know when your next refill is due.

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