MEDOCare pharmacy is located at the MMF home office building, 150 Henry Avenue, Winnipeg Manitoba. MEDOCare Pharmacy provides innovative services and strategies tailored to the Metis community to provide Comprehensive, Accessible, Responsive, Exceptional (Care) pharmacy services.

MEDOCare aims to raise the bar of pharmaceutical care. With its Metis specific knowledge and extensive health care networking and resources, its unique focus is to service the needs of the Metis community. MEDOCare will offer highly personalized services to clients.

MEDOCare will become a familiar addition to its clients and their families, trusted to give quality pharmaceutical advice and renowned for delivering personalized health care experiences.

MEDOCare's mission is to provide high-quality health care and excellent service to help achieve the best outcomes for clients. At the core of the business are the values of professionalism, personalized customer care, and integrity.

MEDOCare's key differentiating attributes include a health outcomes service focus, and the provision of innovative health care programs focused in the areas of:

  1. diabetes care
  2. asthma management
  3. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease management
  4. mental health management
  5. hypertension management
  6. smoking cessation

In addition to medication advice programs, the MEDOCare pharmacy also provides medication adherence (or compliance) support programs.

MEDOCare's business goals are to:

  1. Become the pharmacy provider of choice for the Metis community
  2. Provide advice, services, and products that improve clients' health outcomes
  3. Establish a profitable and sustainable community pharmacy service
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